Career Services

Sundance College is proud to offer a full array of critical career support and development services to graduating students including:

  • Practicum Coordination
  • Job Search, Employer Referrals and Job Interview Preparation
  • Soft Skill Training – Teamwork and Communication skills
  • Employer Outreach, Engagement and Job Candidate Referrals

Career Services

What are Practicums and what is the role of Career Services?

All Sundance programs include an unpaid practical work experience, or practicum, as part of each program.  Career Services organize practicums in coordination with students.  Practicums have very important features which provide several benefits including:

  • Obtaining crucial work experience in the new field the student wants to develop a career in, thereby helping to transition from their former work history to break into the new job field.
  • Adding the work experience in the new career field on a student’s resume;
  • Developing supervisory references with employers in the new career field;
  • Potential job hiring opportunities with the practicum employer and/or referrals within the new industry field with other firms;

Anecdotal evidence would suggest that up to 50% of entry-level jobs obtained by graduating students are secured with their practicum employer, a very high correlation and testament to how important the selection and organizing of practicums are with employers.

What Job Search supports do Career Services provide?

Students come to Sundance College to get jobs and to move their career forward in new directions.  A key component of supporting this transition for students is Career Services.

Sundance College offers free career services to support students with:

  • Developing resumes and employment marketing materials
  • Information on career fairs, recruiters, online services & job-boards
  • Job search planning, strategies and support
  • Employer referrals and on-campus recruiting
  • Preparing for job interviews

To support graduates to have a professional resume when applying for jobs, Sundance College has partnered with Resume Target to provide students’ online access to hundreds of premium resume templates and examples from numerous disciplines, which also can then be used in subsequent years to retain an updated resume throughout their future years.

What training and preparation courses do Career Services deliver?

Employer surveys and feedback have consistently shown that many staff that do not successfully “fit” and maintain their employment within an organization lack crucial “soft” skills.

Career Services deliver these key courses as part of the academic portion of all Sundance Programs, with a high focus on important teamwork and communication skills.

What services to Employers are provided by Career Services?

Employers contact the college looking to hire entry-level staff who are newly graduating from their programs with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to capably perform the job requirements.

Sundance staff have an excellent track record of working with numerous employers, matching hiring criteria and recommending students for interviews.

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