Are you interested in understanding how businesses operate?  Do you have an interest in learning how to grow and manage business activities or to run your own business one day?

The business sector is broad, diverse and evolving. Employment opportunities range across numerous business fields, each requiring educated skilled professionals with capability in marketing, accounting & bookkeeping, human resources, sales & account management, project management and computer skills.

Whether you prefer detailed analytical work or are more inclined to work in a team, there are an expansive array of career opportunities which Sundance College can help prepare you for.


In today’s challenging business environment, organizations are constantly searching for well-educated individuals to support a broad range of skilled roles.

Sundance College’s Business Administration program covers a variety of core disciplines, providing a well-rounded range of knowledge and skills required in today’s business workplaces.

Business Administration Management Program

The Business Administration Management program exposes students to the fundamental business disciplines, critical thinking and technology skills required to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environments.

Sundance College’s program includes a 5 week practical work experience with a business firm. Graduating students receive a full range of professional Career Services covering, resume & marketing materials preparation, interview skills, job search techniques & support, and employer interview referrals and matching.

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